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The Intelli7® ACADEMY provides you with the means to develop your HR know-how.

You use them at your own pace, according to your needs.

You call on support when you need it.



You find in the ACADEMY :

  • protocols that you can easily adapt to your needs, and apply immediately,
  • resources, documents, support,
  • understandings of the human, individual, relational and collective,
  • animation tools,
  • animation techniques, including those specific to Intelli7®,
  • sales support,
  • and much more.



You benefit from our free, unlimited support (depending on your license level).

Our Certifiers answer your questions, provide solutions and help you build your projects.

You thus benefit from all the experience shared by Intelli7® over several decades.

Thanks to our support materials, you'll be able to integrate working methods that have proven their effectiveness, according to your needs.

In addition, you'll have access to Trainings (a few times a year, usually face-to-face), Webinars and Specialization Certifications.

regis redon
<span style='font-size:1rem;'><strong>Régis Redon</strong></span><br>MONTPELLIER - France<br><a style='font-size:0.7rem; text-transform: lowercase; text-decoration:underline' href='' target='_blank'></a>

Régis Redon

Management and HR consultant

Certified with Intelli7 since 2005, I have used all of the tool's features quite extensively, and they have continued to evolve to this day.

As a management & HR consultant in the transport and logistics sector, Intelli7 has become for me and my clients the essential tool for securing executive and supervisory recruitment assignments in the company's operational environment.

Identifying, based on experience, the profiles that are more or less successful in a given profession, we have used the Intelli7 tool to develop reference profiles that have enabled us to optimize and ensure the long-term reliability of our recruitment success.

In this highly specialized transport sector, which is organized into a network of small and medium-sized businesses, we have become, over time and with the know-how we have developed, the long-term partner of many managers whom we have helped to develop their human resources organization.

For most of them, proposals for new services such as JOB FIT, for example, have always been greeted with great enthusiasm in view of the potential added value that this approach could bring to the improvement of their organization.

regis desseaux
<span style='font-size:1rem;'><strong>Régis Desseaux</strong></span><br>LILLE - France<br><a style='font-size:0.7rem; text-transform: lowercase; text-decoration:underline' href='' target='_blank'>06 47 55 76 30</a>

Régis Desseaux
LILLE - France
06 47 55 76 30

HR Consultant and Coach

I've been using Intelli7 since 2011, with one main focus: coaching collectives (teams - associations of people - project groups...).

The idea is for people to understand their own functioning, and what underlies it. That they can also take a look at how others work, with the idea of understanding, and maybe starting to accept...differences!

I also use it in coaching, to generate awareness in the person of their own functioning, before tackling the blocking points and thus making the link between the two. I can then work on how to overcome these blocking points in line with who they are.

Finally, I'm using Intelli7 on the all-important issue of employee commitment and the necessary evolution of day-to-day management practices. Here too, Intelli7's relevance facilitates the implementation of in-depth work on coherence and cohesion.

Intelli7 enables me, of course, and above all, to adapt to the people I work with. In fact, this is the first benefit I derive from Intelli7: a better understanding of the person enables me to create a relationship, a connection, that's fairer and quicker, which in turn facilitates the progress of the work!

For my customers, the benefit is undeniable: understanding what their expectations and needs are based on, why and how things happen, situating themselves in their relationships with themselves and with others... are all awarenesses they can now rely on to move forward in their new daily lives.

puceMy references:
- VSEs/SMEs, particularly in the agricultural world,
- Companies in the agri-food and industrial sectors,
- The associative sector.

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