Intelli7® Psychometrics
at the Individual level:
a revolution

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Intelli7® faithfully restores in the Dynamic
the Adaptive Capacity of a person.

The Dynamic shows his multiple capacities,
in a succession of 7 Priorities.

Thus we discover how the person adapts
according to situations, thus accessing Precious Resources not easily read spontaneously.

<strong>Dynamics of<br>Personality</strong>

Dynamics of

Our personality evolves according to our involvement (our stress). This enables us to adapt to the situations we encounter.

This explains why we know how to do several different things, why we have several talents.

The Dynamics, exclusive to Intelli7®, reveals these multiple abilities we have.

For example, Dynaique shows, like in a movie, how we handle an objection when a customer says no.

Or how we deal with our stress.

Dynamic also shows what kinds of situations stress us.

Finally, it describes what we avoid doing, and what we shouldn't be asked to do.


Dynamics also renders the Behaviors
that the person has chosen.

The major advantage is that on the one hand:
they are directly readable, without interpretation,

and on the other hand
they are the person's choices, therefore incontestable.

<strong>Dynamic of<br>Behaviours</strong>

Dynamic of

Our Personality of the moment carries with it certain Behaviors that we are going to implement.

The Behavior Dynamics, which is the deepening of the Personality, lists in a perfectly legible way the Behaviors that the person has selected.

So all you have to do is read them to know how the person is going to act, precisely

The great advantage of Intelli7®, which is unique, is that these Behaviors have been chosen by the person.

They are rendered directly, without any interpretation.

So the person feels perfectly listened to, recognized and taken into account. For once, we're interested in them, and the facts prove it.

This completely changes the way we approach HR.

Dynamics shows both Personality, and also Behaviors.

The indisputable interest lies in our ability to clearly identify what the person will want to use as behaviors, and those they will tend to reject.


Intelli7® also unveils Drivers, Softskills, Dynamic Analyses, and many other must-haves for accurate, reliable, easy diagnoses,
and constructive exchanges...

catherine m.foix
<span style='font-size:1rem;'><strong>Clotilde and Mathieu</strong></span><br>BOULOGNE BILLANCOURT - France<br><a style='font-size:0.7rem; text-transform: lowercase; text-decoration:underline' href='' target='_blank'></a>

Clotilde and Mathieu

Human solutions to your transformation challenges

At CEPIG, we've been using Intelli7 since 1998.

Today we're working with the 3rd version; a valuable qualitative leap for our missions to support internal or external recruitment decisions, and integration.

Our business since 1965, to develop the potential of our customers' employees. Our ambition, to take care of all talents and contribute to making the company fertile, creator of human, economic, social value.

Intelli7 is an invaluable tool in this respect for several reasons:

First of all, the dynamic profile: its contextualized approach to each person enables us to describe a profile that's alive, in motion, and not reduced to static, immutable characteristics. For us, personality unfolds differently depending on how engaged the person is in the situation.

Next, the matchings:

- Individual profile with job fit,

- Individual profile with N+1 and/or team profile,

provide valuable information to support integration and/or job start-up.

Our customers are able to deepen their decisions; prepare for the arrival of people in teams; set up suitable management, thanks to the support advice.

Mathieu Maurice

His leitmotiv: finding simple, optimized solutions in complex environments. Passionate and committed, he accompanies young entrepreneurs in their projects and teaches in the X-HEC Entrepreneurs Major.

Clotilde La Batide Alanore

His passion: listening, saying and making people say, using language as a precision technology to diagnose, enlighten, encourage, set in motion and give meaning. Her main concern: finding the levers to maximize your employees' chances of success, whether in recruitment, empowerment or mobility.

puceOur references include:
Bouygues, RAJA, Happytal, Grands Moulins de Paris, GCC, Clarins, Maisons de monde, Kronenbourg

annabelle fournier
<span style='font-size:1rem;'><strong>Annabelle FOURNIER</strong></span><br>PARIS - France<br><a style='font-size:0.7rem; text-transform: lowercase; text-decoration:underline' href='' target='_blank'></a>

Annabelle FOURNIER
PARIS - France

Work psychology practitioner

In my individual coaching, I use Intelli7:

  • in the inventory of behavioral skills as part of a skills assessment,
  • on highlighting a team's wealth through collective mapping,
  • To advise on the final choice as part of a recruitment process, both on the pairing and on the individual study in relation to the corporate culture.

I particularly like this tool for the rapid appropriation that customers make of it, for its educational dimension and for the time-saving it provides.

For me, there's no other tool that matches it for the accuracy of its openness to the other, not its non-categorization which allows a much wider field of possibilities, and for its ethics which approach clinical psychology say nothing, do nothing that might harm others.

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