We're all different, it seems...
Intelli7®'s psychometrics prove it.

Traditional psychometrics dates back to Galton (1822). Its use remains stable, despite considerable advances in cognitive science and neuroscience.

These show just how rich and complex humans are, and absolutely do not function in a robotic way, on the contrary.

What is the project of true (fair) psychometrics?

  • Restoring a person's modes of functioning,
  • In the different contexts she encounters: indeed, she doesn't have the same reactions depending on her stress,
  • Because we're not robots,
  • We are, it seems, the living species that knows best how to adapt,
  • Psychometrics must restore the full scope of this ability to adapt, otherwise it is fraught with error.


Intelli7® brings
2 major innovations
to Psychometrics

© Dynamic Psychometrics

© Contextual Psychometrics


<strong>© Dynamics<br>Psychometrics<br></strong>

© Dynamics

The superiority of the human species over other species is its ability to adapt.

Thanks to it, we face difficulties, and so we endure.

What's more, we're capable of changing our strategies and actions according to the situations we encounter: we're not robots.

Intelli7®'s Dynamic Psychometrics is the only one to show this so clearly and truthfully. In this way, it respects people.

It shows that we have many strings to our bow, that we are rich and adaptable. We're smart.

That's why it doesn't lock us into a box, as other forms of psychometrics do.

It gives an account of our richness and multiple talents in an easily readable way: it doesn't simplify things, but restores them in their truth.

<strong>© Contextual<br>Psychometrics<br></strong>

© Contextual

We've just seen that we all have a capacity for adaptation, which makes us adapt our strategies according to the situations we encounter.

Perhaps it would be interesting to know the contexts that will make us change our strategy.

This understanding of the contexts that make us choose other registers can help us to better exploit the new possibilities that arise.

Another way of putting it is to ask ourselves what it takes to mobilize this or that dexterity or behavioral skill in a person.

This is how we're going to be able to tackle the notions of stress, and of setting in motion the mechanisms of stress.

Stress is different for each of us, both in the way we experience it and in the behaviors it generates.

It is also different in the way it is activated and appears. What stresses one may be perfectly harmless to another.

Intelli7® Psychometrics
functions on 2 dimensions:

1- Personality,

2 - Behaviors.


<strong>Dynamic Psychometrics<br>of<br>Personality<br></strong>

Dynamic Psychometrics

The personality of the person (or teams) is described in its different planes by Intelli7® Psychometrics.

Its evolutions as a function of stress are reported as in a movie, which would unfold from our Natural to that to our Contrary-Nature.

It's essential to observe how our personality evolves according to our stress: it's our way of adapting.

This evolution brings out new talents, which help us succeed, and which would be ignored in traditional psychometrics.

So we discover in this Dynamic Personality Psychometry one of the most beautiful aspects of our personal wealth.

<strong>Dynamic Psychometrics<br>of<br>Behaviors</strong>

Dynamic Psychometrics

As with Personality, Behaviors are inventoried dynamically, ranging from our Natural to our Unnatural.

They are the answer to the question: What is the person doing now?

Couldn't be simpler: I can read, I can do.

This is a major advantage for those in the field who produce the result: no need for long or costly learning. Understanding is immediate

The Dynamic Behavioral Psychometrics is the best tool for people in the field because it's concrete, meaningful and operational.

regis redon
<span style='font-size:1rem;'><strong>Régis Redon</strong></span><br>MONTPELLIER - France<br><a style='font-size:0.7rem; text-transform: lowercase; text-decoration:underline' href='' target='_blank'></a>

Régis Redon

Management and HR consultant

Certified with Intelli7 since 2005, I have used all of the tool's features quite extensively, and they have continued to evolve to this day.

As a management & HR consultant in the transport and logistics sector, Intelli7 has become for me and my clients the essential tool for securing executive and supervisory recruitment assignments in the company's operational environment.

Identifying, based on experience, the profiles that are more or less successful in a given profession, we have used the Intelli7 tool to develop reference profiles that have enabled us to optimize and ensure the long-term reliability of our recruitment success.

In this highly specialized transport sector, which is organized into a network of small and medium-sized businesses, we have become, over time and with the know-how we have developed, the long-term partner of many managers whom we have helped to develop their human resources organization.

For most of them, proposals for new services such as JOB FIT, for example, have always been greeted with great enthusiasm in view of the potential added value that this approach could bring to the improvement of their organization.

dominique deloche
<span style='font-size:1rem;'><strong>Dominique Deloche - YODISE - PHD Avenue</strong></span><br>PARIS - France<br><a style='font-size:0.7rem; text-transform: lowercase; text-decoration:underline' href='' target='_blank'>Get in touch</a>

Dominique Deloche - YODISE - PHD Avenue
PARIS - France
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Coach - Author

Manager Ensemble (digital offering) - Coût du non-management (E-book collection) - L'Eléphant Mimosa (play)

Intelli7 is a fantastic tool for local managers to decide to consciously modify their managerial practices.

The manager's understanding of his 7 Priority levels enables him to adapt his behavior based on his personality.

He can thus discover the managerial practices that are most natural to him (because they are in phase with his Priorities 1 and 2) and those that are furthest removed from him (Priorities 6 and 7). This identification, based on the tool, enables him to choose the most useful avenues for progress.

The local manager can progress, step by step, according to the wide variety of analyses offered by Intelli7.

Intelli7 is both a tool for individual progress and a support tool, in the hands of coaches. The fact that the same analysis information is shared (as soon as the profile is returned) provides the manager and his or her coach with a common support for unavoidable professional development.

For all local managers who have benefited from higher education (doctorate), this is an essential tool for their professional advancement. They have the intellectual training (capacity for abstraction) that enables them to decide for themselves on the best choices for behavior in situations (managerial practice).

But the tool is also very easy to access and immediately speaks to all those who are willing to improve their behavioral awareness and professional mobility.

puceMy references:
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