of your Models and
of your Behavioral Softskills

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Make your own Behavioral SoftSkills models...

For example:

your LeaderShip Model,
or your Manager Softskills,
or modeling dexterities that are particular to you,
and much more...



Your organization is unlike any other. You can no longer settle for big HR standards that apply to everyone but you.

Intelli7® gives you the opportunity to define your Behavioral Softskills, then integrate them into your Model, made by you and for you.

Discover Robert Dilts' Leadership Model here as an example.

It is made up of 4 dimensions (with Intelli7®, you can have up to 12 dimensions).

Once this Model has been created in accordance with your requirements, you can make the match with your Collaborators in order to measure their fit with your Model.

By defining your own Softskills behavioral, you give yourself the opportunity to manage according to your organization, your culture and your projects.

The opportunity you then have to measure the predispositions of your Collaborators with your Models, allows you a constructive approach to management and training if needed.

Thus you build your own Psychometrics, made with your criteria.

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Certified NLP and Coaching Master Teacher - Professional Coach - Coach Supervisor - Relationship Consultant

As an NLP and Coaching teacher, I've been using Intelli7 since 2008 in NLP and Coaching certification training courses as a tool for exploring the unconscious.

Intelli7 awakens unconscious Intelligences and activates spectacular realizations that take the learner out of their automatic mode of operation.

Intelli7 is in this sense a powerful awakening tool that has no equal on the market.

It also enables the learner or coachee to become an actor of change, and to monitor the evolution and blossoming of these intelligences over time by analyzing gaps at each learning level.

As a Coach and Consultant in human relations, Intelli7 is for my clients a model for understanding human complexity.

It offers a practical framework for Human Management by objectifying the implicit interaction processes that underpin individual and collective efficiency.

puceMy references:

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<span style='font-size:1rem;'><strong>Patrick Oger</strong></span><br>ORLEANS - France<br><a style='font-size:0.7rem; text-transform: lowercase; text-decoration:underline' href='' target='_blank'>Contact via Intelli7</a>

Patrick Oger
ORLEANS - France
Contact via Intelli7

Conseil en organisation et management

My expertise lies in structuring fast-growing SMEs. For the managers of these companies, it's all about proving oneself in order to survive. Everything moves very fast, and we can be confronted with poorly explained situations, often linked to human dysfunctions, which act as a brake on development.

In this type of context, the Intelli7 model, which is highly visual and easy for anyone to grasp without being an expert, enabled me to easily capture the attention of managers and get them to usefully reflect on the question of matching human resources to the company's needs: how do we know if we have the right man at the right place?

I've used Intelli7 in a variety of ways, but when it comes to structuring companies of this type, I'd like to mention two that have generally made a real difference.

The first consisted, through a better understanding of the behaviors sought, in limiting decisions calling on the garbage can model.

This often unsuccessful strategy leads to recruiting for high-level positions, without too much formality or discernment, a person from the immediate environment. When the scope of recruitment is broadened and the desired behaviors have been clearly identified, the company has a better chance of recruiting an employee who will effectively support its development strategy.

The second type of action was to help reposition certain employees who were unsuitable or suffering in their jobs.

With the help of coaching based on a profile, we can help people to better understand their preferred operating modes and thus find their place; particularly on the manager/expert axis.

puceThis helps repair a number of mistakes often made right from the start of the company.

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