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Welcome to the Intelli7® Approach.

Discover here why our users benefit from a major breakthrough in their human practice.




Intelli7® provides a multi-level Typology of behavior and personality, because we all operate on different levels.

Being able to use each of these levels provides considerable help and facilitates the accuracy of our diagnoses: much less risk of making a mistake.



Intelli7® psychometrics brings major and absolutely unique innovations:

  • It's Dynamic: we don't always react the same way to different situations - we're not robots - we know how to adapt,
  • It concerns Personality, Behaviors, Drivers, SoftSkils, ...



With Intelli7®, you'll find a range of already tested and protocolized actions that you can easily and immediately adapt to your needs.

These protocols stem from the everyday needs of people and organizations.

Thanks to them you create value without risk.


<strong>Dynamic<br>of Behaviours</strong>

of Behaviours

We're the living species that knows how to adapt best, it seems. Intelli7® Psychometrics is the only one that shows this with rigor and accuracy.

Intelli7® is systematically praised for this.

It reveals how new possibilities for action emerge depending on our involvement.

To deny it is to deny some of our abilities, including the most formidable of them all: the Adaptive Capacity.



Traditional psychometrics focus on Personality, from a fixed perspective.

Now, thanks to Intelli7®, we also have access to the behaviors, without interpretation, that a person:

  • favors in his daily life,
  • rejects from his daily life.

With Intelli7®, these Behavioral Practices come from the questionnaire, without any transformation or speculative interpretation. They are directly readable.

<strong>ACADEMY</strong><br>Intelli<span style='color:#52ae32;'>7</span><span style='font-size:65%;vertical-align:super;'>®</span>


The Intelli7® ACADEMY lets you develop your expertise, at your own pace. You'll find:

  • self-training cycles in the knowledge of human functionings,
  • ready-to-use intervention protocols for individuals, relationships and teams,
  • services/actions that you can appropriate and adapt instantly,
  • the support with our experts for all subjects, including commercial activity,
  • and much more.

<strong>R&D</strong><br>Intelli<span style='color:#52ae32;'>7</span><span style='font-size:65%;vertical-align:super;'>®</span>


We realized that the needs of organizations and individuals, whether personal or professional, can clash.

This is how Intelli7®'s 2 branches (personal and professional) complement and develop each other, to provide you with new opportunities, in the form of new operational solutions.

The presence of our supervisors at your side enables us to keep abreast of changing demands.

This becomes a advantage for you and your actions, as your range of actions is constantly expanding.




Intelli7® revolutionizes Psychometrics by introducing:

  • Behavioral Dynamics, which shows our Capacity for Adaptation, and our resources under stress,
  • Behavioral Practices, from the questionnaire without interpretation, incontestable,
  • Dynamic Analyses such as Decision Making and Action Capacity (among many others),
  • the Drivers, which are fundamental assets, which are the difference that makes the difference,
  • and much more.



Here's the equation for the relationship: 1 + 1 = 3

Intelli7® reveals this additional 1:

  • to highlight the convergences (atômes crochus),
  • to detect divergences, sources of conflict, and perhaps complementarities.

The Relational Anticipation protocol warns you of proven risks.

The Installation of Relation protocol, often used in recruiting to guarantee onboarding, resolves conflicts to transform them into complementarities.



Knowing the workings of a team, a department, even an organization, enables us to anticipate what we can expect from a group.

It becomes easy to know what it can produce, and what it can't.

In addition, the Culture Reviews bring out the values embodied by personnel, in the field.

The Comparisons of Cultures between departments or organizations, are invaluable for anticipating and circumventing difficulties, on a day-to-day basis, and also in anticipation of rapprochement.



Intelli7® integrates people's Perceptions into its Psychometrics.

A true Swiss Army Knife of Psychometrics, Perception Reviews are the first step towards your own Psychometrics, at the service of your projects.

It's possible to gather people's understanding of this or that subject, project, difficulty, challenge.

By matching these inventories with the personal Reviews of the people concerned, you have a very concrete inventory of your human resources in relation to your projects.



Following on from the Perception Reviews, Intelli7® goes one step further so that you can create your own models, in the service of your success.

You can, for example, create your own Leadership Model, or Management Model, etc.

Then it's very easy to match your Models to the profiles of the people your Models concern.

This way you can instantly identify your employees' strengths and areas for improvement, in relation to your Models.


<strong>The process</strong><br>of excellence<br>in recruitment

The process
of excellence
in recruitment

In this phase of talent shortage, applying the Intelli7® recruitment process:

  • you select the best candidates for the job, surely and easily,
  • you implement preventive actions when the candidate is not a perfect fit for the position,
  • you promote onboarding that builds confidence and sustainability,
  • you help the manager to pilot his new employees flawlessly,
  • you show a calibrated process that values you, whatever the decision,
  • you contribute to your organization's image

That's why there's no question of failure in the Intelli7®-Recruitment universe, for over 20 years.

<strong>The tools</strong><br>of excellence<br> in recruitment

The tools
of excellence
in recruitment

Achieving total success requires special tools:

  • in the first place, the process itself, which guides to doing the right things in the right order, avoiding the classic, but numerous, pitfalls,
  • then you objectify the needs: Behavioral Function Definition (BFD), with the n+1,
  • then you objectify the talents of the candidates against the Behavioral Function Definition: JobFit,
  • you receive the candidates and ask the right questions in the right way (JobFit), having objective exchange supports (JobFit),
  • you prepare the n+1 (Relational Anticipation), the onboarding and the selected candidates and non selected candidates.

It's thanks to this specific tooling, unique to Intelli7®, that your success is guaranteed: experience has shown this since the late 90s.




Using Intelli7®:

  • you benefit from an unparalleled, tool-based and operational approach that opens up new professional perspectives,
  • your expertise is sought after because Intelli7® captures the richness of people: they feel fully recognized, in their multiple talents, thanks to you,
  • you easily include all types of population, including those in the hard sciences, who readily adopt your actions,
  • you make the difference with the past: thanks to you the organization grows.



Using Intelli7®:

  • you can see how, thanks to you, people become aware of their assets,
  • you're proud to create so much value and your actions make a difference,
  • you have an incomparable toolbox and our support to express your own talents,
  • you contribute objectively to the success of the organization, and are recognized for it,
  • you provide concrete proof of your expertise in the field, and considerably strengthen your position.

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