The person's behaviors
are listed
and directly readable



Until Intelli7®, you had to deduce a person's Behaviors from their Personality.

This remained rather uncertain on the one hand,
and risky on the other.

With Intelli7®, you have direct access to the person's choices, without interpretation.

You know whether they're part of what they favor,
or what they tend to reject.



For example, here are the Behaviors she has chosen, with the plan of using them as often as possible.

Imagine yourself in a recutement, with a specific position.

Would these Behaviors be the ones you expect?

As you can see, it's very simple.



Here are the behaviors she has chosen to reject.

Maybe she's not comfortable with them, or they don't inspire her.

In any case, she won't use them.

Would these Behaviors be the ones you'd expect?

In this case, you'd be going on a recruitment error, if you chose this person.

As you can see, it's very simple.

In this example, we have the 2 extremes of the person's choices: the Natural and the Unnatural.

Intelli7® is much richer and renders the Adaptation Dynamics between these 2 extremes.

You can thus read the evolution of the person's strategies and see how they are going to do in relation to your expectations.

You have here the master asset to make your choices, without risk.

dominique proudhon
<span style='font-size:1rem;'><strong>DOMINIQUE PROUDHON, Ph.D.</strong></span><br>Nîmes - France<br><a style='font-size:0.7rem; text-transform: lowercase; text-decoration:underline' href='' target='_blank'>+33 617 571 873</a>

Nîmes - France
+33 617 571 873

Mediator, coach, trainer (French/English)

My activity consists in optimizing collaborations: I accompany individuals, pairs and teams in the development of mutual trust, the efficiency of operational exchanges and the quality of decision-making.

I use intelli7 in three main areas:

  • Anticipating areas of relational tension in building partnerships or teams.
  • Resolving interpersonal conflicts.
  • 360° feedback.

Intelli7 is a tool of choice: this unique approach enables me to accurately perceive my client's world to better accompany them. It provides me with a solid framework for exploring with him/her his/her reactions, priorities, and their impact in terms of results.

Thanks to Intelli7, I save precious time in getting straight to the heart of the internal dynamics at play in a given situation.

Intelli7 also enables me to clearly identify areas of divergence and misunderstanding/frustration between two individuals, within a CoDir, or in relations to one's team.

My customers particularly appreciate gaining clarity about the way they operate, being able to identify precisely the behavioral reflexes that put them in difficulty in a given context (and to develop appropriate corrective measures) and, in the case of 360°, to have objectively objective external feedback on how their behaviors affect the performance of their teams/company/customers.

It's a gas pedal of awareness and the power to act, a map of how people function that enables us to get straight to the point and build solutions where discrepancies emerge in collaborations.

puceMy references:
Aguettant, Airbus, Bollhoff Otalu, CEA, CJD, Council of Europe, Emerjean, Green Development Products, ESRF, Kenzo, SNCF, Sofradir, Symrise, Sorbonne Université, ST Microelectronic...

regis de charette
<span style='font-size:1rem;'><strong>Régis de Charette</strong></span><br>COS-FI, Aix en Provence<br><a style='font-size:0.7rem; text-transform: lowercase; text-decoration:underline' href='' target='_blank'></a>

Régis de Charette
COS-FI, Aix en Provence

Collective Intelligence facilitator, trainer, supervisor


I've been using intelli7 since 2014 in individual and group coaching, and I appreciate the many possibilities of the approach and the very open notion of Dynamics.

Using the behavioral preferences of individuals and those of the group, I enable everyone to objectify their talents within the group's working framework. These insights reveal to the group people in comfort zones, under-utilized talents, over-adapted people as well as collective avoidances.

This also enables people to quickly regulate their relationships within the group. It provides an objective framework for expressing preferences, communicating better in the other person's world, asking the right questions and avoiding misunderstandings that are often mis-expressed.

This twofold work on relationships and preferences within the group ensures that the group's dynamics are set in motion in a very short space of time. It greatly facilitates training work, which can then be targeted to unblock energy, and encourage setting in motion.

Managerial assessment

The managerial assessment enables experienced managers in career development to refine, reposition and confirm their professional project by objectifying behavioral competencies in addition to the technical skills dealt with elsewhere (skills assessment, for example).

In this assessment, people are asked to define their own management style. They build on their behavioral preferences and can better contextualize their Soft Skills.

In peer groups, people can discuss their behaviors and become aware of different ways of reacting in a given situation by sharing on the effects.

Then they are led to work on the perception of the most suitable behaviors for one or more envisaged positions. These perceptions are compared with the perceptions of a panel chosen by them, made up of hierarchical superiors, HR, colleagues, ...

The comparison of their behavioral preferences and perceptions of the positions naturally creates a framework of contrasts which, after analysis, enables the implementation of an adapted action plan.

puceMy references:
INRA, CNRS, university, Valimovia (real estate), STI, city of Marseille, CD13

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